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Mar 10 2009

Impertinent Questions

Some actual questions asked by students: Miss, are you a virgin? Miss, do you smoke pot? Miss, are you breaking out? Miss, how come your hair ain’t blonde? (A personal favorite) Miss, are those your real eyes? Miss, do you have a boyfriend/husband? (When I answered no) Are you a lesbian? Miss, do you have…

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Oct 28 2008

Teacher’s Block

A malaise has settled over our house like an oily, steel-town fog. We’re in the teaching doldrums. All of us are waiting for something to happen – maybe an explosion or a fire because most anything would be better than lying here while life plods along. My life has been decidedly dramatic lately. A lot…

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Sep 29 2008

Unanticipated Difficulties

I am a contingency planner. I usually have a back-up plan for my back-up plan. My personality is such that the first thing I do with any plan is poke holes in it and then try to see if I can somehow plan around them or plan to plug them up. (Excuse the heavy-handed metaphor…

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Sep 08 2008


I lived in Houston for three years previous to moving to the small but vastly superior state of Connecticut (maybe I’m a little biased). During that time, I evacuated for Hurricane Rita and missed countless other tropical storms by “this much.” Saturday night starting at about 6pm lasting until, oh, maybe 6am, it poured! Why?…

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Aug 29 2008

Heckuva Job, Lauren

I have to tell this story about the first week of school in Hartford. I’m not a new teacher; I taught for 3 years in the ‘hood in Houston. If you can teach at Sam [Houston High School], you can teach anywhere, right? Not quite.  I have a class that makes me cry. I haven’t cried…

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I’ve been walking home from school with a big cheezy grin most days. I’m at the Freshman Academy at Hartford Public High School. People give me this funny look when I say that I live in Hartford. They give me an even funnier one when I say that I walk to and from HPHS. Living…

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Aug 10 2008

Institute: the Lighter Side

Much is made of Institute being TFA hazing; perhaps this is true. I’ve heard all kinds of dark whispers about how Institute is intended to break you to the point where you have no personal resources left to deal with life and therefore are forced to adopt TFA values. Institute has no article preceding it;…

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Jul 25 2008

First Impressions

I’m kind of an odd TFA corps member. I’ve already taught for 3 years in Houston at a school that had a lot of TFA corps members. That was really my first exposure to TFA. The big difference between them and me – alternative certification Barbie – was that they seemed to have a long-term…

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