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(quoted from Henry IV somewhat loosely) Very simple reason that I haven’t blogged in a while: I’m no longer a teacher. Or I’m not a teacher right now. This was initially as much of a surprise to me as it likely is to some other people reading this. About three weeks ago, Sept. 25 in…

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May 14 2009

Had I Known

If I had known nearly four years ago that teaching would make me exhausted and sick, would I still have done it? Teaching has made me more determined than ever to figure out what will make it easier on teachers while still getting the results we seek. It’s insane to think burning out a new…

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I’ve been walking home from school with a big cheezy grin most days. I’m at the Freshman Academy at Hartford Public High School. People give me this funny look when I say that I live in Hartford. They give me an even funnier one when I say that I walk to and from HPHS. Living…

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