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My name is Lauren Hill. I am a 2008 Connecticut corps member. I spent the 2008 fighting for about 100 9th graders at Hartford Public High School but because of the odd budget situation in Hartford, I was poached by a middle school that then forced me to resign. At the time, I thought my teaching career was over. However, Achievement First picked me up as a long-term substitute in Jan. 2009, and I’ve pretty much been with them ever since. During my 5 (almost 6 years) in the classroom, I have taught 9th grade literature, reading intervention, biology, algebra and middle school science. Clearly, I have a problem saying no.

I’m a little bit of an oddity in Teach For America. I had already taught for 3 years in Houston, TX at a school with a large TFA presence, which is how I found out about the organization anyway. (For more about that, check out the first post.)

I’m currently the special services coordinator for an Achievement First school in New Haven, CT. I’m also an institute junkie – I’ve worked for both the Philadelphia and New York institutes as an operations director.

In my spare time (ha!) I can be found outdoors, crocheting (for real), volunteering with the Junior League of Greater New Haven or reading a good book while enjoying good coffee and listening to good music.

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