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Feb 03 2012

Chasing Cars

I told Facebook; now the only place left to tell is my blog, my sadly neglected little blog:

I’ve been accepted to law school – UConn and University of Oklahoma.

Everyone expects me to be overjoyed; I expected me to be overjoyed. But I feel like the dog who chases cars. He wouldn’t have any idea what to do with the car if he caught it. I caught the car, but I don’t know what to do with it, yet. Next fall still seems far away, and the March financial aid deadlines and the April decision deadlines seem very close.

While polishing the thrice-polished personal statement last night and writing what the Yale admissions blogger refers to as the “250-word Albatross,” and riding the fine line between justification and whining on the addenda and wondering how pompous the concluding paragraph in my personal statement sounds and deciding how much of my misspent youth needs explanation and how much I should just breeze past and hope the admissions committee doesn’t notice, I hit the Faulkner singularity, the point at which all logic diminishes into a single point of stream-of-consciousness. I was Granny Weatherall – am I standing up or lying down? who are all of you people and where are Hapsy and John? What the hell am I writing on that page there? Did I brush my teeth this morning?

Perhaps this is why I haven’t gotten truly excited yet – because I’m deranged.

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  1. Ms. Math

    Well, I read the past year of blogs, and I think I understand-a little.

    I love your reflections on life and your place in the world and the joys and pain of teaching. :)

    maybe keep blogging and tell us how you are working on the TFA mission from law school?

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