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Mar 30 2010

Monday, Monday (Bah bah, bah bah bah bah bah)

The Mamas and the Papas were potentially right when they said that you can’t trust that day. Other days unable to be trusted include Sunday, at least this week. (I also maintain that Thursday is actually more untrustworthy than Friday. Students might be like horses toward the stable on Friday but they’re like belligerant mules on Thursday. No amount of carrots or sticks work on some days.)

So on to the unexpected hazards of being an operations director: I was in Houston for the operations director conference, which has been both times a really good experience. It’s nice to stop talking about classroom management for 30 seconds and talk about strategic planning and excel spreadsheets. I was supposed to catch a 5:15 flight out of Bush to Dulles and then on to Bradley at 10:20. So the universe decided that consistency was really important this weekend which meant that every single flight was late all weekend… The end result of this was getting stuck overnight at Dulles with a dead phone unable to contact anyone at school until about 1am to let them know that I wouldn’t be there. I’m sure they were all incredibly pleased about the late notice as well. Especially with the principal and dean of students out as well…

The ninth grade team decided to try something new with the chronically late children, starting Monday of course. We are picking up our tardy babies and escorting them to and from classes. What a bizarre thing to pick up a 15-year-old from class and take him to the next class! A couple of them threw hissies about it yesterday; a couple admitted that they were totally unable to self-monitor, and in the interest of not serving detention every Friday, the allowed the escorts. Most bizarrely, a couple of kids asked to be picked up and taken to their classes. One actually asked if he could use the “9th grade escort service.” This means something completely different to me.

Highlights of today:

  • Balcony scene contest in lit. Three Romeos and Three Juliets duke it out to see who will be the Ultimate Romeo and Juliet! Hilarious, particularly the gender-bending teams of two actresses. Take that renaissance theatre!
  • Looking at different body tissues under microscopes in bio. Really enjoyed all the “OMG! This is what my tongue looks like?!” or “What does my liver do?” My favorite remark, however, “What would happen if I licked this slide? Would I get sick from it?” I was genuinely concerned for a moment that she might pull the cover of the slide and lick the bacteria.

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