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Sep 18 2009

Is it Really Week 5?

In some ways I feel like I’ve been at institute for YEARS.

Every time

  • someone calls me at 11:30 p.m. with an “emergency” sign issue
  • I’m sitting staring at my e-mail (with a hyphen) for 2 hours waiting for clearance on something
  • I have to say, “no, the package room is N116″
  • the fax machine jams, bleeps, spits paper on the floor or prints the same fax three times
  • I’m standing foolishly waiting for the door on the “slow” elevator to close
  • someone taps on the glass in the comm center to see if we’re open (am I a gorilla?)

I feel every single minute of 29-years-old.

But on the other hand, tonight we distributed our last issue of the INFORM newsletter. Beautiful photos, stellar interviews, great articles. Last night, I sent out the final e-mail blast of the Philly institute. I’m working on the technical run-down for closing ceremonies. My operations coordinators are completing their project reflections. And I got a text message from Sarah DiSab saying “two more weeks!” I feel like I’ve been here for 12 minutes.

I realize there’s nothing terribly original about these sentiments. At this point, the entire blogging community is saying essentially the same thing. But, damn, institute is the most disorienting experience while simultaneously being really amazing, perhaps even more amazing as a staff person when you can see all the ridiculousness that goes on behind the scenes.

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