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Sep 18 2009

Eighth Graders are Squirrels … Very Large Squirrels

Have determined that my 8th graders are squirrels. They’re so cute when they’re small with their little fluffy tails, and it doesn’t seem so bad if they climb into the bird feeder a couple of times and toss out the millet. Unfortunately, that permissiveness means that they will eventually be impossible to deter. The squirrels destroy the feeder and drive off all the tiny black-capped chickadees who no longer even attempt to get past the squirrels. All the cardinals will drop dead in the yard because the squirrels have driven them off and starved them out with their rude, reckless, obnoxious behavior.

Two of my students bit each other today. Most awkward parent phone calls ever. The only thing I have say about that is a big Grey’s Anatomy-style “Seriously? Seriously?!

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  1. I always thought mine were like puppies. “Ms. W, look at me! Look at me I’m cute, I’m cute! I’ve got a bone! I can chase my tail! Ms. W! Ms. W! … oops I peed on the rug.” *slinks away*

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