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Jul 05 2009

Institute Memes/Cliches

Because I’m a creeper, I was checking out other blogs from the Philly institute. Largely, everything said about institute ops was positive!

I did notice, with no small amusement, that nearly every blog mentioned one or more of the following:

  • “Alphabet soup” (RE: acronyms)
  • Cultish conversations
  • Composing complete sentences of nothing but acronyms then having to go back and translate them for parents/friends/sig others
  • Being exhausted
  • Drinking mass-quantities of coffee
  • Riding school buses
  • Staying up until 2 a.m. to write lesson plans

Thus, I went back to my own blog to realize that I had also written about pretty much every one of those things. Uniqueness is truly an illusion.

One Response

  1. Oh the great power of evolutionary homoplasy acting on memetic level! It’s probably a result of the resurfacing of primal survival instinct when confronted by the traumatic Institute shock. I wouldn’t think too much of it — they’ll eventually get over it and find their own ways. :)

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