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Jun 07 2009

All Over But for the Shouting

The end-of-year stuff is making me exceptionally forgetful. Today I had to:
Grade finals
Finalize data
Finalize my planning for next school year
Finish/triple-check my end of year reflection
Finalize my project plan for Philly institute
Contact my Operations Coordinator for our first check-in
Become slightly crazy, drink too much coffee and go cross-eyed

It was a long day. I’ve literally been working on school stuff since 10:30 this morning, and it’s now 10:30 this evening. BUT, grading the finals was fairly satisfying. The grades weren’t stellar but I’m really looking forward to getting those objectives mastered into the tracker for the final head count. We might squeak in at 70% mastery, which is pretty good. I’m also really excited to show my objective growth; that actually makes it look like I’ve been doing something. All of this running around crazy and tomorrow I get to tell my babies their final grades. We’ll clean out binders, and I’ll kill them at Uno or Scrabble. Then, it really will be all over but the shouting. And ninth graders shout a lot.

One of my roommates asked me if I’ve ever cried on the last day or school. Nope. I never have. It’s always such an air of celebration; it’s almost impossible for me to get too emotional. I’ll get emotional later or I won’t. I’m not sure which, yet. Then I’ll be off on a dead run on my next project. I keep saying this year I won’t have a summer job. And every year I seem to get a more difficult and time-consuming one. This is actually negative progress – retrograde motion, if you will.

This year has been so difficult. More pressure than ever to actual prove that my kids are learning. I can’t even explain how satisfying it is to be able to show that they have learned something.

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