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May 14 2009

Had I Known

If I had known nearly four years ago that teaching would make me exhausted and sick, would I still have done it?

Teaching has made me more determined than ever to figure out what will make it easier on teachers while still getting the results we seek. It’s insane to think burning out a new crop of idealists every two to three years is acceptable. The solution to everything is not always “I Will Work Harder.” Boxer, in Animal Farm, had his mantra as “I Will Work Harder.” Boxer ends up too weak to work anymore and sold to the knacker and boiled down for glue.

That is essentially the thanks that teachers get. When we’re too weak to keep going, we’re non-renewed or forced out. Teaching, as it is, is not the profession for anyone with a compassionate heart; it will eat you. Teachers, I promise you, I will find a way to fix this.

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  1. jtillotson

    Amen, LH. They need to tell us this during Institute: TAKE YOUR DAMN SICK DAYS.

    How much of the problem would be solved if the administration of our schools was functional? So much of my energy isn’t spent in the classroom because it’s wasted deciphering the mess of bureaucracy rampant in my district.

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