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Apr 06 2009

ODC and Other Acronyms

I just got back early this morning from the Operations Director Conference in Houston. It’s an interesting feeling to truly be on what amounts to a business-training trip. I’m calling it “The 48-hour MBA.” We talked Strategic Planning, Brand Recognition and Project Planning, Coordinator Management. All of this for summer institute in Philadelphia. I suddenly felt like this is serious business and felt like a grown-up.

Teaching is not a terribly empowering profession. I so often feel like I don’t get to make any of the decisions or I don’t have any say. Edicts are handed down from on high without regard for whether they help or hinder progress. Would I want to be in charge of the decision making, though? Do I prefer to have things handed down to me so I can pass responsibility on? Given my past history in education, I’d give a somewhat qualified, Yes, I’d rather be in charge. I’m just egotistical enough to think I have the solution, and I’m willing to take responsibility for disasters that occur. I feel less in charge of my own professional fate in Hartford than I ever did in Houston. Is it the small town thing? Hartford is small enough to keep track of everyone, and Houston is too giant to have any hope of knowing what any one individual is doing.

Back to the ODC, I felt empowered. I feet like decisions will really be mine. Of course, I have precedent and protocol to consider but communications at the summer institute is my thing. This is a huge responsibility; I feel overwhelmed, a little cowed even. But I feel proud, too because someone finally trusts me professionally to make my own decisions.

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