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Mar 10 2009

Impertinent Questions

Some actual questions asked by students:
Miss, are you a virgin?
Miss, do you smoke pot?
Miss, are you breaking out?
Miss, how come your hair ain’t blonde? (A personal favorite)
Miss, are those your real eyes?
Miss, do you have a boyfriend/husband? (When I answered no) Are you a lesbian?
Miss, do you have kids?
Miss, can I have your brother’s number? (He’s 17.)

If I don’t come out of this with the patience of a saint, it won’t be from need or desire.

Post Script: Teach for America is talking about opening TFA-Tulsa in Fall 2010. If anyone asks, please tell you support it. Out of nine high schools in Tulsa, eight appeared to be on some part of the state failing school list. This is my hometown. I have a vested interest in its success. I’m a proud product of a public high school and a public university; I want to make sure that the children in Tulsa have the same great teachers and the same great opportunities that I had.

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